Bathroom Furniture Makes Linen Storage Stylish & Functional

Linen storage cabinetry in the bathroom should be functional, but it can be stylish as well. The traditional tall linen cabinet with doors above and below provides a perfect spot for all those items you need close at hand in the bathroom.  These tall linen cabinets have been the standard for years, but with bath cabinetry becoming more furniture like; the styling options have changed dramatically.

A free standing, furniture styled linen cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Maybe you want to have things displayed in the open, consider removing one or all of the doors on a linen.  This allows area for display as well as storage. Add a topper to the shorter height linens, 66” or 72” high, to create accessible storage on the top of the cabinetry.

A free standing, furniture styled linen cabinet with open storage on top and closed storage below from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

 Additional drawers in a bathroom are never a bad thing, why not incorporate them into the tall linen cabinet.  Dura Supreme offers one, two and three drawer options in varying heights.

Multiple drawer options for furniture linen cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Replace the center panel in the door with a mirror and you have an additional dressing area as well as the bonus of visually expanding the space.Adding a detail, mullions, a decorative toe or bunfeet to any of these linen options lends helps to create that furniture look and make the room uniquely yours.

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