Old Kitchen Design

Making the decision to remodel your kitchen can be difficult. There are many factors to consider such as the budget, knowing what to expect, and the general disruption of your daily life.

Dec 26, 2012
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
When You Want to Finish Up Your Project Quickly

What was going to be an ongoing weekend project that would keep us busy all winter, has now become something that we are in a rush to get to ready for sheetrock.  Demolition, although somewhat therapeutic, is still not fun.  It’s dusty, messy, and sort of dangerous.  My husband is much better with a Sawzall than I am, so he had the task of taking out the recessed closet area in the hall bath to

Dec 10, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
How to Agree with Your Spouse on a Bathroom Design

As the bath remodeling progresses, the clock is ticking and I realize that I had better get the cabinetry ordered.  Designing for your own space is difficult enough, factor in a spouse that somehow over the years has developed some design preferences of his own and I’ve got a major project on my han

Nov 19, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
First Steps in a Bathroom Remodel

Early October started off rather chilly in Minnesota, and because our plumber also does heating work he was tied up with furnace issues for the first half of the month.  So we had to wait a while longer for him to make time to tear out the fixtures we were planning on eliminating.

Oct 29, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
The Snowball Project, a Bathroom Remodel Story

It seems that anytime you tackle a remodeling project it leads to another project, which then rolls into another project and it goes on and on.  You paint the walls and the window treatments could use an update, new carpet in the hallway, now the bedrooms look a little dingy.  Replace the dishwasher and the other appliances really show their age.  I call it the snowball effect, you start with s

Aug 27, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
If You Can't Stand the Heat, Remodel the Bathroom

We decided that this summer we were going to put the remodeling projects on hold and enjoy the weather.  Who knew it was going to be so hot and humid day after day after day?  I don’t mind a little heat and humidity every once in a while but when it drags on for a month and you would rather be inside in the air conditioning, something is just not right.  It’s almost a summertime version of cabi

Aug 06, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
Finished kitchen with appliances and cabinets installed.

The kitchen is finally finished!

May 14, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
Cabinet Hardware Decisions during a Kitchen Remodel

While Darryl, the installer extraordinaire, begins to work his magic in the kitchen I find myself with more decisions that need to be made before the project is complete.  The critical decision at the moment is the cabinet hardware.  Most installers like to have the hardware on site around the same time they start the installation.  It’s typically one of the last things they do, but when they a

Apr 02, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
Cabinets in boxes ready for a kitchen remodel

The preliminary work is complete. The electrician added the necessary circuits for the microwave and range.  We moved outlets, added more lighting and added switches where there were none.  The plumber who also is our HVAC person moved the ducting to its new location and capped off the sink lines for the installer.  We installed the tile floor and primed the walls.

Mar 12, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
There's No Turning Back Creating a pass-through in a kitchen remodel

One of our changes to the space is to create a real pass-through.  In the original kitchen there was sort of a pass-through to the dining room; very small and too high off the countertop to have any purpose other than being a trimmed out hole in the wall.  We wondered if the original contractor had framed the opening thinking that this was where the doorway was supposed to be, realized his mist

Feb 20, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
The Next Step in a Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen design has been finalized, the appliances selected and because we’ve done this before we have decided to do the entire tear out of the existing kitchen ourselves.  Demolition can be very therapeutic, but also a little nerve wracking.  We are tearing into a room we use daily and will be without for several weeks.

Jan 30, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
kitchen before remodel

Let me preface this by saying designing your own kitchen is the most difficult project a kitchen designer can tackle.  Working at Dura Supreme and walking through the factory every day I have the opportunity to see cabinetry being manufactured in every style and finish imaginable.  The options are endless and it’s really difficult to narrow down your choices.

Jan 09, 2012
Author: Wendy Anderson
Considering a kitchen remodel

Is it time for a kitchen remodel or can you live with it for a while longer? Would diving in to a full remodel make the space better or could you get by with some minor fixes?

Dec 19, 2011
Author: Wendy Anderson