Cooking with Gas or Electric?

Are you a fan of electric or gas cooking or both? What if your preference is gas or induction burners and an electric or convection oven?  Is the cooktop and wall oven combination your only option?  Many appliance manufacturers offer a dual fuel range that combines the best of both.  Gas or induction on top, electric and convection below. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, based on your cooking needs and available space, here are some things to consider.

A cooktop and wall ovens take up significantly more space than a freestanding or slide in range.  Most cooktops are 30’-36” in width, wall oven cabinets are usually 30” or 31 ½” wide.  That is a minimum of 5 feet of valuable kitchen space.

Kitchen design example with a cooktop and two wall ovens as the appliance selection. 

The advantage of a dual fuel range is that it can take up significantly less space than the cooktop and wall oven combination, typically 30”-36”, although there are dual fuel ranges that are up to 60” wide.  Therefore, if space is at a premium a range may be the best option.

What if you have mobility issues and bending down to get to the oven is difficult?  An advantage of the cooktop and wall oven combination is that the oven can be placed at a more user-friendly height.  The height of a range not as variable, usually lining up with the countertop height.

Freestanding Dual Fuel Range example with a wood hood in a tropical styled kitchen design.

The cabinet for wall ovens are typically large enough to fit double ovens or an oven and microwave, which allows for more cooking capacity as well as oven cooking options. However, today’s appliance manufacturers have added multiple ovens to ranges as well so if two ovens are a must, the option is there.  

A beautiful freestanding range with double ovens and a light gray / off-white wood hood and cabinets.

With so many cooking options available today there is certainly  a combination of fuels and appliances that will work for everyone.



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