Demolition!! Now the Fun Begins!

After months of dreaming about and planning for my new kitchen, we are finally ready for my favorite part of the process - DEMOLITION!

I decided to tackle the removal of the old kitchen cabinets and countertops myself with the help of my family. So, I offered my dad an all-expense paid "vacation" to beautiful sunny warm Las Vegas... whoops, I mean FROM beautiful sunny warm Las Vegas to blustery cold Minneapolis in January for his help with this project. In addition, my brother and his wife came down for a weekend to help us out as well.

Since I was planning on donating the old cabinetry we couldn't get out the big sledgehammers and begin to tear apart the kitchen like they show on all the home improvement TV shows. We took our time removing the wall cabinets first being careful not to damage them or the countertops in the process. The old laminate countertops were a bit more challenging since they were built and installed on the jobsite; however we were able to salvage most of them. Lastly we removed the base cabinets and the center island.

Old Cabinetry before demolition for the new kitchen remodel.

Now that the old cabinets and appliances are removed we have a blank slate to work with for the new kitchen design. We also uncovered a slight problem... the hardwood flooring did not extend under the cabinets which means that we will have to build up the flooring where the new cabinets will be located and patch the hardwood floors in the areas that will be exposed.

Demo: Kitchen cabinets have now been ripped out to begin the remodel.

In order to get ready for the electrical work, we proceeded to remove some of the drywall to expose the wall studs and electrical wiring. Since we would be patching the drywall later, we didn't want to remove too much drywall unless absolutely necessary.

Removing Drywall during a kitchen renovation.

Behind the Walls

After two days of electrical work, scheduling the plumber/HVAC to add the new gas line and ductwork we are ready to patch and repair the drywall. Since I am terrible at drywall repair, I was grateful that my dad was here to help me with this and he did an awesome job with the drywall.

Repairing Drywall to prepare for the new kitchen cabinets.

While my dad was working on the drywall, I had the flooring installer in to patch and repair the hardwood flooring since it was not in my budget to replace all the hardwood.

Patching wood floors during the kitchen remodel after the demo.

In the middle of all the demolition, electrical, plumbing, and flooring work a few of the new products were arriving such as the appliances and new cabinetry.

New Kitchen Appliances Have Arrived and are Waiting to Be Installed.

Cabinet Delivery to the home.

Up next - Cabinet Installation!