Hello Day After!

Up until today, all of my references were connected to “10 more days until…”, “it’s almost the kids’ winter vacation”, “T minus 3 days”.  Now, with the holidays in the rearview mirror we turn our heads toward the vast expanse of 2017, that is, if we can see past the mess in the kitchen and all the seasonal décor you can’t take down quick enough.  This job of post-holiday reconnaissance can be daunting.  Shoe-horning space into an already too-full cabinet is not a great long-term plan.  Instead, resolve that 2017 will be the year you finally “get it together” and streamline your storage!

Here are some common organizational storage problem areas and how to turn over a new leaf for 2017:

Get Creative with Your Home Storage Space in 2017. Holiday baking center with Dura Supreme cabinetry, mantle hood

Have you had your fill of holiday baking? If it seems like your mixer, bowls and ingredients have taken up permanent residence on your countertops, let's find them a nice home, out of sight! This drawer is the perfect height to store stacked mixing bowls with a convenient shallow roll-out installed just above- the optimal height for those smaller items you don't want to lose in a larger drawer. This shallow roll-out can also be a great place for cloth napkins, candles, chop sticks, napkin rings, etc.

Dura Supreme cabinetry with storage fro bakware and mixing bowls with a shallow Roll-Out above for small misc. baking supplies like cookie cutters, and measuring spoons.

Another efficient and out of sight storage solution for these same types of items is our Toe Space Drawer (below), which can be installed underneath almost any base cabinet.

A cabinet toe space storage drawer holding napkins and napkin rings from Dura Supreme. Toe Kick Drawer ideas.

Below you will see the stand mixer cabinet. The mixer platform easily swings out and locks in place, so you will never have to worry about lugging it out and putting it back! Notice the 4"H roll-out below the mixer holding flour, sugar and other baking essentials. That is a feature you will only see with Dura Supreme- convenience and efficiency all in one place.

A kitchen appliance cabinet for a kitchenaid mixer with a roll-out for mixer accesories, and baking supplies. Storage feature from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Once you are finished baking, there is always the inevitable clean up.  Why not make that part of the process more enjoyable by incorporating these ingenious cabinet add-ons to keep everything you need at your fingertips?

A sink base cabinet with a Pull-Out Caddy, a cabinet door rack, a sink base cabinet organizer all from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Beyond the kitchen there is another space in the house that I always hear complaints about regarding clutter and storage: the Foyer/Mudroom/Entryway.  Just by its nature this space is a natural dumping ground, especially in the Winter with boots, hats, mittens and backpacks in the mix. But if we give these common items a 'home', life will run much smoother in these areas. With drawers, open space or a hinge-top seat in the bench, you have the power to design it as you see fit for your space.  Above the Boot Bench, where you see lockers flanking open hanging space, you can choose to have doors above, below, or neither- it is up to you! Whether you have a grand front hall or a modest apartment entryway, there are some great customizable storage solutions for this space.

A Dura Supreme entryway Boot Bench with Lockers, Beadboard and overhead cabinets for additional storage.

Or, if you have a more compact space to work with, this Boot Bench and Coat Rack may do the trick. Below is a bathroom application, but this can also suitably serve a foyer.

A mini boot bench with a wall hung coat rack above, both from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

The great thing about these entryway solutions, is the wide array of customization available- you can choose from literally dozens of finishes and door styles, toe spaces, dimensions and functionality to fit your current home's decor and your lifestyle.  Below is yet another option with a mirror as part of the Hall Tree.

A Hall Tree with a built-in mirror and boot bench from Dura Supreme Cabinetry is custom made to fit your entryway storage needs.

Kitchen baking/cleaning zones and entryways have historically been areas homeowners list as their top frustrations.  With these two major problem zones identified and tackled, you are well on your way to a better 2017!

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