Hot Color Combinations!

Kitchen cabinetry is a fashion-based industry and Dura Supreme's product development team and color analysts are constantly in-development on cutting edge products and finishes.

Color trends soar and then fade and then a new trend splashes into the scene.  Soft-goods like throw pillows, wall paint color and small accessories can be changed as often as the season, but ever-changing color trends don't work well for the large scale investment pieces in your home like furnishings, tile or cabinetry.  With this in mind, designers arm themselves with knowledge not only on trending colors but also on the colors that can accent or blend with current fashion.

One example is purple, which is gaining popularity in rich eggplant tones as well as lighter lilac hues with a base of gray.  Purple doesn't translate well to kitchen cabinetry, but for bedrooms and master bathrooms, it can be a beautiful and luxurious color.  For cabinetry, a designer would then suggest light gray paint or even a smoky dark stain to blend with purple tones in bedding or window treatments.

Shades of white paint and different shades of darker gray/brown stained finishes blend beautifully with many of today's hot color combinations!  Dura Supreme's finish palette includes all of these hues that will complement current color trends. 

Interestingly, THE hot color trends of tangerine, turquoise, yellow and gray, not only stand well on their own as a dominant color, but they are being used in combination with each other for eye-catching effects!  Tangerine mixes beautifully with turquoise, and yellow blends beautifully with gray!  Here are a few examples of these popular colors being used in combination with each other ...

Gray + Yellow Color Combinations:

Transitional Living Room by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O'Hara Interiors - Dura Supreme Blog

Contemporary Yellow and Gray Bedroom Design by Sandy Media & Bloggers Michelle Hinckley - Dura Supreme Blog

Contemporary Gray and Yellow Entryway by New York Media & Bloggers ABRAMS - Dura Supreme Blog

Tangerine + Turquoise Color Combinations:

Traditional Orange, Blue and White Dining Room by New York Architects & Building Designers Ike Kligerman Barkley - Dura Supreme Blog

Master Bedroom Interior designed by Jill Sorensen - Dura Supreme Blog

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