Making a Fabulous Guest Bath using Parts and Pieces

It’s time for the cabinet installation!  Darryl, the installer extraordinaire, is back to work his magic just like he did in the kitchen.  To get the look I wanted without breaking the bank, I designed the entire vanity using parts and pieces. Because Darryl was doing the installation I was confident that the results would be exactly as I had envisioned.  Which brings up the whole discussion on the value of a good installer, the better the installer, the better the results, and Darryl is one of the best.

The Inspiration for Guest Bathroom Remodel

Because this is a guest bath, drawer storage was not a huge priority. It was a certain look that I was after. With only end panels, a couple of drawer fronts and wood tops to work with let’s see what happens

Parts and Pieces to the Bathroom Renovation with Dura Surpeme Cabinetry

I didn’t eliminate storage altogether, there is an area behind the tub that we created an opening for a wall cabinet.  The space is filled with heat runs and plumbing which dictated what we could do there, a wall cabinet was the perfect solution.

Recessed Wall Storage with Dura Supreme Cabientry

The door style is the same one that I used in the kitchen, Homestead Panel.  While the kitchen cabinetry is painted in Classic White, I knew I wanted a wood and stain for the bathroom.  During the development of our new stain palette, Hickory with a Morel stain jumped out at me as a perfect complement to the gray tile floor.  I can’t wait to see how the countertop pulls it all together.

Homestead, Hickory, Morel Dura Surpeme Cabinetry

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