New Cabinet Paint Colors: Shades of Gray

THE hot color trend right now is gray - all shades of light, dark and in-between. 

Interestingly, gray has been part of the color forecast for several years but we are just now seeing its predicted surge in popularity.  (Color forecasting organizations like the Alexandria, VA based Color Marketing Group (CMG), work with global color marketers and color designers to forecast color trends 1 - 5 years ahead.)

Gray cabinet paints from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

One of the reasons gray has become so popular is because it acts as a neutral background for almost any color combination.  It can be paired beautifully with all of today's popular colors including turquoise, tangerine, eggplant and mustard yellow.  It looks striking with white or off-white paints as well as dark stained finishes.  And it stands on its own as the dominant color mixed with other shades of gray - both light and dark shades as well as cool and warm shades.  Instead of boring and safe beige, gray is an upscale neutral color that has a lush, rich quality to it.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry painted finish color options.

Dura Supreme just launched a new palette of gray paints that are sure to become classics!  Overall, there are 18 new gray-toned colors that include crisp gray paints along with hand-detailed finishes that include glazes and accent finishes.  Click on this link to see our Shades of Gray brochure.

Plan a visit to any of our Dura Supreme dealers across the country to see the new colors and start creating plans for your new kitchen or bath!  Be sure to email us photos of your new kitchen or bath (email to  We'd love to see and share your photos with our new gray finishes!

Here are a few photos from that are trending as "all time popular photos".  We can't help noticing all the gray colors in these inspiring photos of home interiors.

Cabinetry with a gray painted finish, with trendy accents of mustard, tangerine and blue.

This luxurious bedroom is crafted with varying shades of gray to create texture and depth.

This beautiful bath features cool and warm (taupe) shades of gray.

Shades of charcoal gray look stunning with accents of mustard yellow.

Dura Supreme home office features a dark gray paint with a neutral gray tile backsplash for stunning effect.

This beautiful bright living room features shades of light gray.


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