Planning a Laundry Room Remodel with Storage In Mind

Even though the Laundry Room might be one of the smallest rooms in a house, that does not mean it is the easiest to design.  Quite the contrary. Because of all the functional zones needing to be incorporated into a tightly defined space, there can be a lot of challenges. Fear not, I will lay out all the special considerations one should take into account when making a Laundry Room plan!


You will first need to decide where you want to store the hampers full of laundry to be cleaned. If you have room in the Laundry Room for this, great, there are a lot of good solutions for this.  Dura Supreme offers a pull-out hamper base cabinet, or one could simply leave the doors off of a base cabinet and add a personal basket system depending upon your needs.

Design by The Kitchen Source in Dallas, TX, photography by Matrix

Design by Holly at Creative Kitchen Designs, Inc. in Anchorage, AK

Design by 2 Design Group in Chicago, IL


To stack or not to stack, that is the question.  When tight on space, stacking can solve a lot of problems.  Be careful though, because it can also create new problems.  How tall is the person that will be doing the majority of the laundry work? Will they be able to reach the dryer controls at the top of the dryer? You will also need to verify that your appliance is stackable, not all are.  

Regarding configuration, if room allows, some people choose to have multiple washers and dryers in order to keep up with a large family’s needs.

Design by Candelaria Design Associates in Phoenix, AZ

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the option of the all-in-one, seen mostly in smaller European homes and space-conscious NYC lofts.  This is a unit that acts as both a washer and a dryer.  So, one would put in a dirty shirt, and later pull out a clean, dry one!  Below is an example of this:

Design by Grant Davis Thompson, Inc., LG appliance, photography by David Thompson-Moss

The pocket doors above are a great example of how to best conceal the appliance yet still make it useable.  Below is another wonderful pocket door application able to hide both washer and dryer when closed, and matching beadboard laundry basket drawers between the two appliances.

Design by Davetta Moore Designs in Concord, NC

My last comment on configuration, is to not be afraid to think out of the box. Literally. The opening you slide your appliances into does not have to constitute one long rectangle. Consider this creative use of space under the stairs in a home in Montreal:

Design by John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering in Montreal, photography by Pk Langshaw


With the explosion of clothing known as athleisurewear (think yoga pants, leggings, spandex, etc) more and more people are opting to flat dry or hang dry portions of their wardrobe.  This has resulted in more people requesting drying racks or hanging bars in their laundry room.  The key with this laundry room feature is ventilation and circulation, to avoid moldy, damp, potentially smelly laundry. Below you will note the  vents/filter in the ceiling of the cabinet attached to the home’s air exchanger which works quite nicely. 

Design by Louis L’artisan in Ontario, drying area open and closed

Depending on the type of space you have available, you may want to consider this clever vertical drying rack:

Design by Belman Homes in Waukesha, WI


Finally, you will need to decide if this space will be a multi-functional space, servicing more than just laundry.  The answer to this will depend upon traffic patterns within the home, available space and necessity. Some other functions that have been incorporated into Laundry Rooms have included a gift wrapping/crafting station, a gardening/potting space or a place to sort mail and pay bills. If you look hard in the photo below, you will even see a cute little pup peeking out of a dog bed!

Design by Morning Star Builders, Ltd. in Houston, TX, photography by Kolanowski Studio

This room may also multitask as a mudroom, and so incorporating lockers or boot benches should be considered. Dura Supreme has many great options to choose from. Finally, a popular multipurpose use for the Laundry Room can be a place for our furry friends.  It is not uncommon to see pet beds, food/water stations or dog baths built into the laundry area.

Design by Artistic Renovations of Ohio, LLC


Now that we’ve nailed down the basics of Laundry Room design, go have fun planning one of the hardest working rooms in your house!







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