One Major Advantage to Remodeling Your Kitchen

There are so many valid reasons for remodeling your kitchen.  Maybe you aren’t happy with the way it looks. Maybe the cabinets are old and have seen better days or the space just doesn’t work for your lifestyle. 

If you have an older kitchen and appliances to match often the appliance placement is not ideal.  Remodeling your kitchen and updating your appliances provides the perfect opportunity to relocate your appliances and make the space so much more functional.

The Location of Your Kitchen Appliances Can Make a Difference!

Appliance locations are dictated by several factors, with a focus on the functionality and ease of use within the space.  Much depends on the overall kitchen layout and whether you are focusing on creating a work triangle or create different work zones within the kitchen. It seems obvious that the dishwasher should be near a sink, but should the range be right next to the refrigerator?  Probably not!

If you are in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel, take time to think about how your family works in the kitchen.  Your kitchen designer can guide you on the best possible location for each appliance based on your lifestyle and appliance selections.

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