Organize Those Drawers This Spring

When the calendar officially says Spring, it’s time to think about spring-cleaning, decluttering and getting organized.  If your house is like most, there is probably a drawer or two in your kitchen that could use some organizational help.  On the other hand, if you are in the process of planning your new kitchen make it a priority to add the appropriate accessories that will force you to have organized and clutter free drawers.

 A cutlery divider is one of the more commonly used drawer accessories; those compartments certainly do make it easy to organize eating utensils.

A Dura Supreme Utensil Drawer with divided storage.

However, don’t think of a cutlery divider as just a spot for knives, forks and spoons.  Any drawer that house lots of miscellaneous items could benefit from the addition of a cutlery divider.

Divided drawer storage for a craft room organizing arts and craft supplies.

Drawer partitions, whether fixed or adjustable, can be used to customize the function of a drawer.  If you have a wider drawer these partitions can break up  and compartmentalize the space, allowing the drawer to store multiple items without allowing them to slide around.

A stainless steel drawer with wood drawer divider accessories with a spice rack and utensil storage for the kitchen.

Toespace drawers add that extra storage in a previously inaccessible area.  Hidden out of site, Dura Supreme’s toespace drawer features a touch-latch mechanism so that no hardware is required to open the drawer.  Just a tap of the toe and the drawer slides open to reveal all of your spring-cleaning supplies.

An under the cabinet drawer (Toe-Kick Space Drawer) with additional storage for cleaning supplies.



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