Remodel Projects: The Snowball Project

It seems that anytime you tackle a remodeling project it leads to another project, which then rolls into another project and it goes on and on.  You paint the walls and the window treatments could use an update, new carpet in the hallway, now the bedrooms look a little dingy.  Replace the dishwasher and the other appliances really show their age.  I call it the snowball effect, you start with something fairly simple and the project starts to grow, like a snowball rolling downhill and the whole thing becomes a lot bigger than you were originally planning.

The simple combining two small bathrooms with awkward fixture placement into one decent size room is my latest snowball project. The plumber stopped by the other day to take a look at what we wanted to do and he said that it was pretty straightforward.  He would come back in a few weeks and remove the existing toilet and vanity, but ....

The main floor half bath

The main floor hall bath

He knew from a previous visit that we were also contemplating remodeling the upstairs bathroom at some point. That bathroom is also awkward and needs to be reworked and updated.  It also happens that the upstairs bathroom is directly above the main floor bath and he pointed out that it’s best to work from the top down in a case like this.  We could stick with the plan and work downstairs and then later on move to the upstairs but, he explained if you have plumbing issues upstairs the potential to make a mess of what you just completed downstairs is a real possibility.

The bath directly above

His suggestion was to tackle both projects at the same time, there would be an available shower and toilet on the main floor, you can wash your hands in the bathtub, there’s a sink across the hall in the laundry room, it’s called remodeling.  He almost makes it sound fun.


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