Remodel Stories: Adding Functionality to a Small Bathroom

When our house was built the original plans called for two bedrooms and a half bath on the second floor.  I always thought that was odd and not very functional, which at some point in time the original owners must have thought so too, because the bathroom was remodeled to include a tub. 

The Upstairs Bath with Tub Bathroom Remodel Before Photo

After completing the first floor bath project we’ve decided it’s time to update the upstairs bath and make it more functional for us. Our main objectives are to add another sink and replace the tub with a shower, which according to the bath trends survey on Houzz, is what everyone else is doing when it comes to a Master Bath remodel.  The overall footprint of the room is small, approximately 6x8, and there really isn’t any way to expand the room without a lot of structural changes to the house, so we are going to work with what we have.

The elimination of the tub does allow space for another vanity directly opposite the location of the current vanity.  There’s enough width to add a shower, but we do need some additional space to accommodate the depth. Directly behind the proposed shower location is a linen closet, which I’ve agreed to sacrifice so that the shower will fit. 

Bathroom Remodel Before Photo. This wall won't really change, just updated fixtures.

Bathroom being remodeling. Under construction photo. The location of the new shower and a vanity.

That’s the plan, we’ve spent the last couple of weekends tearing out the existing bath and the next step will be tearing into the ceiling so we can build the wall for the new shower.  We are holding off on that until it warms up just a little, this winter has been one for the record books!


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