Remodel Stories: Agreeing with Your Spouse on the Bathroom Design

As the bath remodeling progresses, the clock is ticking and I realize that I had better get the cabinetry ordered.  Designing for your own space is difficult enough, factor in a spouse that somehow over the years has developed some design preferences of his own and I’ve got a major project on my hands.

As a designer, in a normal situation you would sit down with your clients, get a sense of what their likes and dislikes are, assess the budget and come up with a plan.  We discussed at great length what we wanted to achieve in the space, we debated one sink or two?  Wood species and finish, we didn’t want paint, so it will be a wood and stain. Door style, should we match the Homestead Panel that’s in the kitchen? Flooring, should we continue the tile that is in the hallway or do something different?  We worked through all of these decisions and I thought I had a real direction.

I started putting together a design for the vanity area and everything I showed him was not what he was envisioning. He knew the look he wanted, but getting the point across that space and proportion also play a huge part in the overall design was beginning to frustrate me as well as him.  What I thought looked good was not at all what he was after.

Bathroom Vanity Rendering

Bathroom Vanity Rendering

Bathroom Vanity Rendering

After several designs and explaining the technical details that I was forced to deal with we landed on something that we could both agree on.  Thinking back over our discussions and the multiple design rejections I received, I am extremely glad that he pushed for the design he wanted, because it’s going to look great!


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