Remodel Stories: Almost Finished

The project that we were going to take our time with and work on all winter appears to be exactly on schedule.  Although the calendar says it should be spring we have yet to see any real signs of the season in Minnesota this year.  It’s April, it’s cold and it’s still snowing.

Once the mirrors were hung in place we decided that we could use some sort of tile backsplash to make things look more finished, nothing too decorative, just field tile that we could do something interesting with. The tile was ordered in late January and for some reason it took over a month to arrive.  When I opened the tile, part of the order was gloss, the other half was matte.  This wasn’t the interesting look I was going for.  The tile was reordered and we waited.

The bathroom is almost completed, but it looks like it needs a few last touches.

The delay with the tile actually was alright with us, it was still way too cold to set up the wet saw in the garage and it gave us time to ponder different tile patterns.  Between the countertop, backsplash, light switches and mirrors we had a lot of height changes and cuts that we had to consider.  We wanted to minimize these and still have things look visually pleasing.  We finally landed on a pattern we felt accomplished everything that we wanted. 

Tile was delayed for the bathroom remodel. Bathroom vanity is installed.

Bathroom Remodel.

It took two weekends to get this far, we’re almost there, just a few more finishing touches and we’ll call it a wrap!


Dura Supreme Cabinetry: Shown in Hickory with Morel stained finish.

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