Remodel Stories: First Steps in a Bathroom Remodel

Early October started off rather chilly in Minnesota, and because our plumber also does heating work he was tied up with furnace issues for the first half of the month.  So we had to wait a while longer for him to make time to tear out the fixtures we were planning on eliminating.

Initially we had just planned on having him remove one toilet and the smaller vanity so we could punch through the wall.  The more we thought about it and after a closer look at both rooms we decided that the plumber’s time and ours would be better spent if we had him do everything that could possibly be done this trip so that he would only have to come back to connect everything when we were finished.

Before Photo of Bathroom Remodel

So, out came both toilets, one was eliminated entirely, the other we will replace.

The toilet in the center of the room is no more! 

Both vanities are now gone and one of the toe kick vents was removed.

Where the vanity used to be on the other side of the wall

The bathroom vanity is gone and new lines added

The water lines and drain for the second sink were roughed in and the existing vent stack moved over behind the tub.

 The other vent was moved from the old location which was again in a toe space, to the floor, closer to the wall.

Relocated ductwork in a bathroom remodel project 

It was rather hectic, trying to chip away tile, haul out debris, and just keeping pace with everything that was going on.  By the end of the day we had decided we were way ahead of the game and could take the weekend off to rake leaves before the snow flies!

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