Remodel Stories: Seeing the Light at the End of the Bathroom Remodel Tunnel

Over the last few weeks we have made significant progress in the new bathroom space.  In fact, that is pretty much all we have been focused on.  It’s been a lot of late evenings and long weekends, and we have the sore muscles and calluses to prove it.  The sheetrock is finished thanks to a wonderful neighbor who happens to be in the sheetrock business. He sprayed the ceiling, matching the texture perfectly to the rest of the house. He then recommended that I paint the ceiling because it is a bathroom.

The sheet rock is finished

The finished ceiling in a bathroom remodel.
We laid Hardiboard on the subfloor for the new tile.  We installed the new tile, which is a continuation of the tile in the hallway and kitchen. My husband was a good sport; cutting tile with a wet saw in an unheated Minnesota garage is not a lot of fun.   The next step was grout and clean up, always a messy affair.

Preparing for bathroom tile during a bathroom renovation
It’s time for the professionals to come back and do their part. The toilet is in place, the cabinets have arrived, and the installation is scheduled.  After that, all we will need is a countertop and sinks. There is light at the end of my remodeling tunnel!

The bathroom remodel is nearing completion but still in progress.

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