Remodel Stories: Sheetrock Really Makes a Room

After a couple of months of looking at framing and roughed in plumbing we have sheetrock!  The taping, mudding and sanding are complete; it’s starting to look like a bathroom.  It’s always such a change when the walls get closed up and the space is truly defined. 

The vanity wall with new sheetrock

However, several people have commented that the room looks essentially the same as it did before, which actually it sort of does.  The only major change that we have made at this point, besides gutting the space, is relocating the plumbing wall where the tub used to be.  That wall was moved about a foot to allow a 48” shower in place of the 60” tub.

The relocated plumbing wall in the bathroom remodel after new sheetrock has been installed

So, to an outsider the room is really is not very visually interesting at this point.  But now that the bones of the room are in place, the design choices will start to make an impact.  The main goals of the project were to improve the functionality and update the space. Will the cabinets, tile, lighting and all the other components make a big enough difference? Will the room work for us like we think it will? 

Things will start coming together over the next few weeks and the changes should become more apparent.  Once the project is complete I’ll see if anyone notices anything different.


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