Remodel Stories: When You Want to Finish Up Your Project Quickly

What was going to be an ongoing weekend project that would keep us busy all winter, has now become something that we are in a rush to get to ready for sheetrock.  Demolition, although somewhat therapeutic, is still not fun.  It’s dusty, messy, and sort of dangerous.  My husband is much better with a Sawzall than I am, so he had the task of taking out the recessed closet area in the hall bath to completely open up the space.

The big mess during the bathroom demolition and renovation while moving walls.

I had the rather glamorous task of removing tile off of the walls and floor.  The wall tile proved to be less problematic than the floor tile, which really didn’t need to be off in time for the sheetrock.  But it’s all got to come out eventually.

A photo of the demolition in the bathroom remodel preparing for new sheetrock.

By the time the wiring was moved there were quite a few holes that were going to need to be patched.  The plumber had to cut into the ceiling so that is going to be redone and sprayed as well.

The plumbing in an open wall of the bathroom remodel project.

We made it just in time, finishing the entire demo and cleaning up all of the dust and debris on Tuesday night.  Guess who was at the door at 7:15 Wednesday morning!


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