Remodeling Stories: Closet Compromise

The original plan for the upstairs remodel was to include a walk in closet directly off the bedroom.  But when we realized that the structural things we would need to change were going to make the whole project cost prohibitive, that idea was scrapped.

The bedroom is long and narrow (13 x20) and only has one six foot closet, which is hardly workable for two people.  By using Dura Supremes Crestwood cabinetry to create built ins, I came up with an alternative to the walk-in closet which provides lots of storage and gives the long room some balance.

The new closet wall made of cabinetry in a Master Bedroom Remodel

The wall of built-ins only took up two feet of floor space, and creates a focal point.  Because there is a window on the wall I also added drawer bases which serve as a dresser.  The two larger cabinets on either side of the window have a closet rod for hanging, the narrow cabinet on the left is full of shelves for sweaters, shoes etc.

Master Bedroom built-in Cabinet storage for added closet space.

Cabinets in a master bedroom remodel for additional closet and clothing storage.

I elected not to go to the ceiling with the cabinetry, keeping things light and open, capping everything off with wood tops.

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