Sensing, Simmering, Steaming and Sauteing

Earlier this month I was part of a group of seventeen designers that were invited to the  Jenn-Air Designer Forum in Chicago. This was a total immersion into the world of technology, appliances and design.   What I came away with a new found appreciation for the careful thought and engineering that  Jenn-Air has built into every product.  These appliances are truly amazing!

Demonstrating a Pro-Style Range Top from Jenn-Air

There were appliances for every zone in the kitchen, from food storage, food prep and clean up, we covered it all. We saw wall ovens with menu driven controls that walk you through selecting the doneness of your roast with visual aids to help you along.  There was a microwave oven that also had convection, broiling and steam features, the refrigerators that eliminate the ice crystals on your frozen food.  We watched and listened to ventilation that was whisper quiet, effective and beautifully styled.

A Ventilation Demonstration from Jenn-Air in Chicago, IL 

There was so much more, discussions on induction, BTU’s, efficiency, integration and style.  We explored the latest design trends in appliance planning and listened to designers from all over North America present their projects, the problems they encountered and solutions they developed.

Jenn-Air Cooking Demonstration and Education. Photo of prepared meal from the cooking session.

The take away from this experience would be if you are in the appliance selecting stage of your kitchen remodel take the time to explore the latest in appliance technology.  Besides being inspired to plan your next dinner party, you may find the appliance that can simplify your life and turn you into a chef without even really trying!

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