Voiding a Corner-What does that Mean?

Many kitchen layouts involve a corner or two, does it mean that you need to plan for a corner cabinet of some type to fill the space?  Corner wall cabinets typically require 24” or more of space out of each corner. Base corner cabinet space requirements can range from 33” to 42” out of each corner.  Blind corner cabinets utilize the standard 24” of depth, but need a minimum width of 39”.

 When you look closely at the kitchen below can you tell that there is no base corner cabinet?

A voided corner cabinet to the right of the sink base in a white kitchen design with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Voiding the corner creates space that is buried and inaccessible. While this may not be the ideal solution, there are some advantages including gaining more space on the left and right of the corner which allows for larger cabinets, which most likely are more accessible.   

In the case below instead of a 36"square corner base and a 6" cabinet right and an 18" cabinet on the left, there is  a 15" drawer base on the right and a 30" drawer base on the left.

A voided corner being assembled with white kitchen cabinets in the process of renovation. Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

 While not for everyone, voiding a corner can make sense in the right situation.

A finished view of the voided corner with white kitchen cabinets.



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