Welcome to Dura Supreme's Curated Palette for 2017-18!

With painted cabinetry rising in popularity and no end in sight, it seems like a good time to talk about colors, finishing processes and where trends are headed.  Dura Supreme is way ahead of the curve on this. We’ve always offered a great selection of in-house paint finishes, as well as our Personal Paint Match Program and our Custom Color Program.  We’ve detected some strong trends and popular requests and decided to pull together a Curated Color Palette of the 5-6 highest trending colors in the industry, pulling research from customer demand and future color forecasting. This color collection will evolve and change every year or two, staying fresh and current, shifting with prevalent trends. Here I will introduce four of our six Curated Colors and show some great styles for pairing.  In my next blog I will introduce the rest of our Curated Palette and cover our superior finishing processes.


Dura Supreme Cabinetry, Furniture Style Vanity with Lemon Meringue finish

Here we see a fresh, clean take on a buttery yellow. As you can see, Lemon Meringue pairs beautifully with a clean white and gray. It is a ‘colder’ yellow, decidedly edging away from the warm Tuscan yellows/golds of previous design decades. This finish is applied to Dura Supreme’s Furniture Bath Collection.

No designer can talk about color these days without talking about Blue; it is wildly popular across the board.  There are sooo many shades and directions one can go with this hue- from nautical to muddy to light- and Dura Supreme has you covered, with three great Blues, to save you from swimming in a Blue sea of color chips!


Dura Supreme Cabinetry with a Gale Force paint finish

Gale Force is the truest Blue in our Curated Palette, capable of lending a nautical vibe when needed. It looks great opposite medium browns. Here, Gale Force is the finish on Dura Supreme’s Chroma door style. 


Dura Supreme Cabinetry with a Cyberspace paint finish

Cyberspace is a muddier Blue, embracing dark gray, almost black undertones. In the right environment it can almost act like a neutral, going undercover as a very interesting Gray! Because of this chameleon-like quality, it pairs well with lots of styles, looking great as an island, as shiplap on a wall, or on a vanity as in this picture, on Dura Supreme’s Beaded Craftsman style door.


Dura Supreme Cabinetry with a Slate Tile paint finish

Slate Tile is a lighter Blue, but FAR from the ‘country blue’ of the 80’s. While shown here in a more traditional application, Slate Tile can look great in a contemporary setting as well. I’ve seen it successfully paired with deep dark  browns and with bright whites- lots of opportunity here. This hutch area has Slate Tile applied to Dura Supreme’s Bella door style.

The benefits of Dura Supreme curating this palette for our customers are twofold.

1) It saves the customer time. Why spend hours weeding through color chips trying to find the perfect blue or yellow when we’ve already done the leg work for you? Also, the customer avoids the lag time of having a Color Match paint chip created and mailed to them for approval, saving 8-10 days.

2) It saves the customer money since there is no Color Match fee to create the paint- the color is already in house! 

This is an exciting time to be in the design field- with so many great finishes to choose from, it brings ‘custom’ into reach for many more people.  Stay tuned for my next blog, where I will introduce two more colors from our Curated Palette and delve into what makes our paint finishing process superior.



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