Welcome to Dura Supreme's Curated Palette for 2017-18! Part 2

As promised- today I will showcase the other two colors in our Curated Color Palette, with Part 2 of our Curated Palette installment (click here for Curated Palette Blog, Part 1).

The first is Jasper- this is a deeper, more complex, sophisticated green. This is NOT your 1990's Hunter Green!  It is a great choice if you want to make a statement without the drama of Black.  Here we see it in a wet bar paired with brushed brass hardware and a white shiplap barn door. Earthy and strong, Jasper can do the job within many styles- from Transitional to Traditional to Contemporary.

Dura Supreme cabinetry finished in Jasper.

Next we see our 6th Curated Palette color- Attitude Gray. Here it is in a vanity application.  As you can see it has a slight green undertone, and depending upon what it is paired with can look more gray or more green.  

Dura Supreme Cabinetry with an Attitude Gray paint finish

Three reasons why our Paint Finishes are superior:

The Construction:

When Dura Supreme paints a cabinet, we do something many manufacturers do not. We individually prime and paint every center panel before it gets placed in the door. Most manufacturers finish the door after the center panel is installed.  Our reason for doing this is based on the physical properties of wood and its inherent expanding & contracting as a result of changes in humidity, present in every environment. By finishing the center panel prior to putting it in the door, the owner will never have unfinished raw wood exposed during periods of expansion and contraction. 

The Finish:

We also work closely with our finish supplier to formulate our finishes to minimize our impact on the environment.  Our topcoats are formulated to be extremely low in HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and formadehyde, and we adhere to stringent emissions standards for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to greatly reduce off-gassing.

The Process:

Our catalyzed conversion application process ensures excellent durability and smoothness, making our topcoats scratch and mar resistant, household chemical resistant and UV resistant, protecting the cabinetry from normal wear and tear.

Dura Supreme's finish processes are second to none.  From construction to the formulation of our paint to the application processes to our environmental responsibility, we have put together a product we are proud to stand behind.  With the introduction of our Curated Palette, all the more reason to look to Dura Supreme for inspiration for your next project!

All 6 Dura Supreme Curated Colors


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