Where Should You Put the Microwave?

The science behind the microwave oven was developed after World War II, but the appliance that most of us use today did not start to become a standard in the home kitchen until the 1970s. Those early microwave ovens were huge, large enough to cook a turkey, and they sat on the counter taking up a lot of space. 

Fast forward to today, microwaves are definitely smaller and are available in many different styles and sizes.  From countertop to a convection combination, there are many options to consider. Obviously, the style of the microwave plays a large part in where the unit will be located.

Microwaves that are considered built in units can be installed in a wall or base cabinet or combined with a standard oven unit in a tall cabinet.  Installing a built in microwave in a wall cabinet offers easy access, there are cabinet options for both on or above the counter installations.

Built In Wall Microwave-Above Counter Installation-Designed by Gwen Adair,Cabinet Supreme by Adair 

Base cabinet options include the standard hinged door microwave or the microwave drawer.  Both of these options keep the microwave below the counter, a good option if you don’t want to use up wall or counter space. 

Built In Microwave-Base Cabinet Installation in a kitchen remodel with Dura Supreme Cabinetry

The over the range option should be installed over the cooking surface.  This type of microwave is a space saver and does offer ventilation options, the drawback being that you are reaching up to get items out of the oven and this could be a hazard for younger children or those with limited mobility.

Where Should You Put the Microwave? Example of an over the range microwave installtion.

How often do you use a microwave and how accessible does it need to be?  Those answers will definitely affect both the style and location of that appliance.

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