Why Dishwasher Appliance Panels?

Built in dishwashers today have several different style options to choose from. A popular choice is a model with a finish that matches the other kitchen appliances, commonly white, black or stainless steel. But, maybe you don’t want to break up the beautiful line of cabinetry with a metal box.

A beautifully concealed dishwasher in a kitchen design by DCI Home Resource.

You might want to consider a dishwasher model that accepts a panel that matches the cabinetry. The panel can be either a full height door or a door and drawer front combination.

A Door and drawer front appliance panel option on a concealed dishwasher in a white and transitional styled kitchen design.

Dishwashers that accept a custom panel can either have the controls visible on the front of the unit or integrated, or concealed in the top. Dishwasher panels, especially when used on an integrated model, essentially allow the appliance to disappear. 

 Can you spot the dishwasher in this kitchen? Desgin by Knight Construction Design Inc.

With no visible controls and hardware attached to the panel that matches the rest of the cabinetry the look is seamless.  So seamless, in fact people may think you don’t even have a dishwasher!

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