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Dura Supreme Cabinetry offers Framed and Frameless (Full-Access Cabinets) product lines of kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture. Close up of a dark kitchen island with an open shelf under a set of drawers from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry offers Framed and Frameless product lines, each with semi-custom to full custom capabilities.  Crestwood Cabinetry has traditional, framed cabinet construction and Bria Cabinetry has a frameless (full-access) cabinet construction.  Both product lines give you the flexibility to choose the features and value that are right for you!  Your cabinetry designer will be instrumental in walking you through the different construction methods, materials, pricing, and design options to recommend the cabinetry that is best for your project and your budget.  Whether you are beginning a kitchen remodel or building a new home, Dura Supreme kitchen cabinetry is a beautiful choice and a wise investment.

Crestwood Cabinetry by Dura Supreme is an outstanding value in cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom and home remodel.

CRESTWOOD CABINETRY - An Outstanding Value in Fine Framed Cabinetry

Dura Supreme creates Crestwood Cabinetry with a thoughtful balance of materials, construction and styling options to deliver exceptional value with exceptional design.  Built-in manufacturing economies ensure cost effective construction, consistent quality and craftsmanship.  Upon this foundation, an impressive array of finishes, door styles, and unique, space-saving accessories fulfill even the most artistic and discerning tastes.

Bria Cabinetry by Dura Supreme is crafted with a full-access (frameless) construction method inspired by trends in European cabinets.
BRIA CABINETRY - An Outstanding Value in Full-Access/Frameless Cabinetry

Bria Cabinetry is crafted with a full-access (frameless) construction method inspired by European cabinetry.  An impressive array of traditional and contemporary styling options (including Acrylics, Textured Foils and Laminates) make Bria Cabinetry a savvy choice for value and design conscious homeowners. A notable spectrum of custom options, attractive door styles and artistic, hand-detailed finishes make Bria Cabinetry an especially savvy choice for those that desire the ideal in function and fashion.

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For more detailed information about Dura Supreme's product lines, view our "Cabinetry Comparison Chart" in the link below. Before making a decision about your cabinetry and product selections, we recommend visiting a Dura Supreme Showroom to see and experience the products first-hand.


For over 60 years, dedication to excellence has defined Dura Supreme cabinetry and our core business values.  We have built our reputation on a foundation of quality - solid construction, precision joinery, sound design, craftsmanship and service.  Upon that foundation, we have also created a wonderfully artistic selection of well-appointed door styles and hand-detailed finishes.  With such an enticing array of options, its no wonder Dura Supreme cabinetry has such broad appeal and application at so many price points and within so many design themes.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry is backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty – your assurance of exemplary quality and a solid investment.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry Limited Lifetime Warranty