Bathroom Design: The Double Sink Debate

Is there some design rule out there that states a master bath should always have two sinks?  You would think that this is true if you watch enough of those remodeling shows on television.  How often is the main focus of an outdated bathroom the fact that it only has one sink? Is this truly a design flaw that must be corrected or is it one of the easier design fixes that people can identify with?

A master bath with two sinks-look in the  mirror

In my last blog about the bathroom remodel project I had stated that it was our intention to follow the trend and add another sink to the bathroom.  The original plan had the sinks along one wall in one large vanity, then plans changed and the sinks were going to be directly opposite each other. When we opened up more walls, we ran into some plumbing issues and you know what they say about the best laid plans. 

Bathroom Furniture Vanity in cherry wood with his and her sinks and double mirrors.

When all is said and done this bathroom will have a single sink.  The shower had to move and what we were left with was a 24” space for a second sink. This would be ideal if this was the powder room, but not for the bathroom we use every day.  Once we had determined the final (I hope) layout and discussed the pros and cons of two sinks we determined that our schedules rarely had us at the sink at the same time and we could live without the second sink.

A single sink bath vanity with two differnet depths, decorative turned posts and traditional styling.

While we have decided that we can forgo the second sink, I do think it’s a matter of lifestyle and schedules that make this a “must have” on many project lists.  And while we are discussing two sinks in a bathroom, the kids’ bath is the place where I think two sinks should be.  Brushing teeth or washing hands before dinner; there is an age group that always seems to be in the bathroom at the same time.

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