A Cabinet is a Cabinet

A cabinet is simply a cabinet until you add an interior accessory item that gives that cabinet a very specific function. Add a tray divider kit to a base cabinet and now that cabinet has become a designated spot for cookie sheets and party trays.

Tray storage idea for a base cabinet. A Tray Divider Pull-Out in a lower cabinet organizes cookie sheets, pans and more.

A lift up mixer shelf in a base cabinet creates the focal point for a baking center.  

Small Kitchen Appliance storage with a KitchenAid Mixer. A Lift-Up Appliance shelf in a base cabinet lifts to countertop height to give you a new work space and make it easy to store away.

Add a door spice rack to a wall cabinet and all of your spices can be located in one spot.

A spice collection is easy to locate and very accessible in a cabinet door spice rack.

The most used accessory in many kitchens is the base recycling center.  With two bins, one for the recyclables and the other for trash, it is easily the hardest working cabinet in the kitchen.

A pull-up cabinet with trash and recycling bin storage in a craftsman styled Dura Supreme kitchen.

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