Color Evolution, Where the Gray Color Trend is Today

Color for interiors is a lot like fashion; things are always changing.  Color palettes used in interiors do not change with the seasons as they do in the fashion industry; interior palettes tend to shift slowly. 

Back in the late ‘90’s, early 2000’s popular finish colors for cabinetry contained very warm tones.  Yellow, orange and red undertones were strong.  Think honey colored oak, burgundy red or orange cherry, those warm finishes were everywhere.

The evolution of stained cabinet colors.

Things began to cool with the advent of gray paint in the mid 2000’s.  The cool, neutral shades of gray starting appearing in interiors everywhere.  From floor to ceiling, the cool shades of gray were hot.

The Evolving Use of Gray in Interior Design. Gray Painted Finish Colors for Cabinets.

Fast forward to today, the gray trend remains strong. Gray is a classic neutral that works with so many colors.  What is happening to gray interiors is that it they seem to be warming up.  However, not warming up with the yellows, reds and oranges of a few years past.  The warmth is now coming from stains with true brown tones.

The Evolving Use of Gray in Interior Design. Gray-Brown stain finishes for cabinetry.

Shades of gray with shades of brown, a natural combination that creates stunning interiors.

Warm wood tones in a gray bathroom with Dura Supreme Weathered Cabinetry.


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