Color Schemes: Where Do You Start?

Many people seem uncomfortable when it comes to selecting a color palette for their project let alone the entire house.  Everyone has a favorite color, but is it too bold to use on a large scale?  What about this color, do they go together?  How can I make good color choices?

When I get asked for advice on putting together color schemes or if certain colors work with one another I always suggest looking to nature to get color cues. The natural world around you is a perfect source for inspiration and color palette ideas.  Study the landscape and different combinations will appear with each season. The snow covered woods in winter suggest a high contrast color scheme of light and dark.  Think Poppyseed stain and White paint.

A Classic Color Theme Combination

Dark Wood and White Paint Cabinet Combination for a black and white kitchen design.

Take a stroll by the water, even a rocky beach has a color story to tell.  The varying shades found in the rocks and the sand can be combined in a multitude of combinations, from the multiple shades of gray seen in the rocks, to the warm taupe colors of the sand.

A Neutral Color Palette Idea for a cabinetry in a kitchen remodel.


A Neutral Color Palette for cabinetry finishes in a kitchen remodel.


Even a butterfly resting on a pile of fallen leaves provides inspiration.  The deep gray and white of the butterfly combined with the browns and soft grays in the leaves creates a calming color scheme.  Notice the little splashes of emerald green, perhaps suggesting an accent color. 

A Natural Color Palette a Splash of Natural Color

Gray and White Cabinet finish Color Combination for a kitchen remodel.

A warm wood and neutral color palette for a cozy kitchen remodel.

This is just a small example of what beautiful color palettes nature can provide, so when you are unsure about what colors work together, remember there are no bad color combinations found in nature.

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