Common Types of Corner Base Cabinets That Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Space

The options for corner base cabinets are very similar to the corner wall cabinet options; diagonal, square corner (pie-cut) or blind.  There are, however, more internal storage accessory options available for base corner cabinets than are available for wall corner cabinets. 

A standard diagonal or square corner base cabinet will require 36” out of each corner, although they can be slightly larger or smaller. A standard blind corner cabinet can be up to 48” wide out of one corner.  All of these configurations are available with the standard shelves; it’s the internal storage accessories that can make these corner cabinets functional and easier to access.

Both square and diagonal corners are available with Lazy Susans.  The rotating shelves allow items that would be buried in the back of the cabinet to come full circle and be visible at the opening.

Square Corner Kitchen Cabinet with a Super Susan in a Dura Supreme Cabinetry Kitchen. This is a great Corner Storage Solution for the home!

 Another newer option for corner storage is a diagonal or square corner drawer base.  Drawers in these units are often deeper than the standard drawer base units.

Image courtesy of Seigle's Cabinet Center featuring a Dura Supreme Corner Solution

Blind corner base cabinets can be made more accessible with the addition of swing out wire baskets, or pivoting shelves bringing the items toward you rather than reaching in.

Blind Corner Cabinet storage accesory with accessible swing out wire basket shelves.

Blind Corner Cabinet storage accesory with accessible pivoting shelves.

Whichever base corner cabinet configuration you choose for your kitchen consider the internal options that can make them function with ease.

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