Creative Ways to Store Your Kids’ Stuff

Cabinetry isn’t just for the kitchen... cabinets can solve storage issues throughout the home. As a parent, I find my largest storage struggle is finding convenient places to store and organize my children’s belongings like homework supplies, toys, games, art & craft supplies, etc.

If you too find yourself struggling with where to store your vast supply of kid stuff, I’ve gathered a few ideas.

Don't park it here sign next to children's toys left on a table.

Think about where your family commonly works on homework or dives into craft projects, is it the living room? Dining room? Kitchen island? Consider a Shallow Roll-Out for keeping these items organized nearby and prevent them from cluttering the rest of your drawers and cabinets.

A two-tier drawer from Dura Supreme can be used to create a dedicated space for kids arts & craft supplies and homework tools.

Another option to consider for extra storage is a Toe-Kick Drawer. A Toe-Kick drawer is a handy storage feature in any room; it’s hidden, yet easy to access and adds additional storage in an under-utilized space.

A Toe-Kick drawer below the cabinet is an ideal spot to hide away supplies for your kids near their favorite work-space.

The same idea can work in the living room to store gaming accessories under the entertainment center.

A Toe-Kick drawer below an entertainment center can hold your misc electronic equipment and gaming system supplies. A Wii fit board and Wii controller storage are shown in this example.

Consider using cabinetry to create a platform bed for additional storage in a kid’s bedroom. This bed was created using one of Dura Supreme's Boot Bench cabinets as a platform for the mattress. The drawers add plenty of new storage for toys or could even be used as a dresser.  

Custom Platform bed in a kids bedroom is made to match the other cabinetry in the home and to add storage to the child's bedroom.

A wall bookcase cabinet was used to create a headboard with additional storage for books, toys, an alarm clock, and even the family cat! 

A bookcase headboard custom made to fit the style of the other cabinetry and millwork throughout the home. Plus it adds a large amount of storage to the child's bedroom.

If there’s a space in your home where toys seem to accumulate but there is no accessible storage nearby, consider creating a nook in the space. A boot bench or banquette seating can be used to create a fun and useful nook for your family. Not only will it add new storage for toys and games, but it will also serve as a new space for your children to play, work on homework, enjoy a book, work on an art project and more.

A bright teal blue boot bench is used as a colorful nook for the family and adds a lot of additional storage to the room. This would be great for storing children's toys that frequently make their way into the dining room and living room space in this open concept house.

Light & Airy Home with transitional white cabinetry and a window seat, boot bench. A boot bench like this would be perfect for storing kids toys near the kitchen so your children can play while you cook and still keep the space simple to keep tidy.

I love the design of this casually styled nook! It's the perfect place to have a family game night with plenty of storage in the seating to tuck away toys and board games. Using boot bench cabinetry to create a seating area, this multi-purpose space can be used by adults and kids alike. 

This casual styled breakfast nook space was designed to be multi-functional and practical. It serves as a place to read the paper, enjoy a good book, watch TV, play video games, do homework, have a family game night, store toys and games as well as enjoy a meal.

When there's a problem, there's always a solution! Visit your local Dura Supreme Designer to find a solution that will work best for your family and lifestyle.

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