Four Ways to Organize Drawers in the Kitchen

Drawers can be some of the most useful and versatile storage areas in the kitchen, if you take the time to think through how you want them to function.  By adding different accessories to a drawer, you can create customized storage areas that are uniquely yours.

Everyone is familiar with a cutlery divider, but what are the options if your silverware only takes up a small portion of the drawer?  Make that drawer do double duty and share some of that space with larger cooking utensils.

Organized kitchen drawer with utensil diveders for custom storage. Dura Supreme Storage Solutions.

Do you have those little spice jars stacked up in a cabinet?  They become hard to find as they get pushed to the back of the cabinet.  Who knows how many jars of oregano are lurking back there?  Consider a spice drawer insert, which creates angled ledges for the spices to land, visible and all in a single location.

Organized Spice Rack in a Kitchen Drawer by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Does your kitchen plan call for the main sink and dishwasher on the island?  Where are the dishes going to go?  Consider a plate rack drawer.  No need to carry stacks of clean plates across to another part of the kitchen.

A Dish Storage Rack in a large kitchen drawer keeps dishware in reach and  orderly. Dish rack Drawer from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Where are your pots and pans going to be stored?  A deep drawer allows for tall stockpots as well as fry pans, but how do you keep all those lids accessible and within easy reach?  Incorporating lid storage partitions on both sides or at the back of the drawer creates the perfect cookware storage station.

Lid Storage Partitions in a deep kitchen drawer shown with dividers on the sides of the drawer from Dura Supreme.

A few well placed drawer accessories are the ticket to a well organized kitchen.

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