Inspired By Nature: Redesign Your Kitchen with a Winter's Color Palette

Did you know your surroundings can affect your mood? That's why selecting a color scheme that reminds you of a positive experience can not only personalize your space but make it more comfortable. I’ve found as each season unfolds, the celebrations and the natural elements that surround that season are full of colors that strongly resonate with our emotions. With that said, winter is one of the most extravagant shows of nature in my book!

Inspired by Nature, this kitchen design color palette beautifully captures the essence of an elegant winter's day. Featuring Dura Supreme's Weathered and Pearl painted finishes.

Winter is a bold and eventful season that makes us reminisce of family gatherings, dramatic snow-covered landscapes, and cozy evenings near the hearth with hot cocoa. If you’re in love with the dazzling colors of winter and can’t help but smile when you see the first snowflakes … perhaps you should look at pulling some of Winter’s hues into your home.

Stunning Classic White kitchen with a Zinc gray painted kitchen island design featuring Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Gazing at the sunrise on an early morning walk can inspire a warm, white and dazzling kitchen design. Combine Dura Supreme's Zinc and Classic White painted finishes to create a breathtaking kitchen design that inspires you year round.

This mood board features Dura Supreme's Zinc and Classic White paints with Benjamin Moor's Edgecomb Gray used in the kitchen design shown above.

Inspired by a first snowfall in the forest, this finish palette combines Dura Supreme's White paint and Weathered D finish on Cherry with Sherwin-Williams Upward (SW 6239) paint. This combination of finishes is bright, crisp and breathtaking just like the first dusting of snow on the branches of a tree.

Winter and Snow inspired Kitchen Design Color Combination. White Kitchen Color Theme Idea with White, rustic wood and cool blue-gray paint.

The sight of a charming pinecone inspires a heartwarming color palette. This cozy color palette combines Dura Supreme’s Natural Knotty Alder, Clove stain and Black accent finish on Knotty Alder and Antique White paint. It reminds me of Christmas trees, ornate holiday wreaths and all the joyous family gatherings that happen around them.

Winter Pinecone and Christmas Tree Inspiration for a Kitchen Remodel Color Theme. A finish Color Palette idea with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

A brisk hike on a snow-covered mountain reminds us of fresh cool air, bright open skies and dramatically contrasted treetops against wispy snowcaps. In this color palette, Dura Supreme's Smoke stain on Quarter-Sawn Red Oak contrast with the White paint like trees contrasts the snow. While Dura Supreme’s Personal Paint Match finish in Smokey Blue is a beautiful complimenting finish for a feature piece like a kitchen island and Sherwin-Williams Evening Shadow SW 7662 for the walls resembled cool winter skies. This color palette can create a design that feels spacious, bright and calming.

Snowy Mountain Peaks. Winter Kitchen design with a seasonal color palette combining cool colored kitchen finishes.

With white kitchen and bathroom cabinets being so popular today. I can’t help but think that it is possibly related to our love of bright, white, dramatic winter landscapes and our fond memories of the holidays that surround the season.

A dazzling white kitchen with metallic design accents reflects a winter-inspired color palette.

Bright white kitchen design with dark wood floors and green accent decor. Featuring Dura Supreme's white painted cabinets.

An elegant white, gray and rich brown kitchen design with classic mullion glass cabinet doors and detailing. Dura Supreme cabinets by Mauk Cabinets by Design.

A stunning gray and indigo blue kitchen design the is inspired by a winter color theme.

Dura Supreme Cabinetry kitchen design by Shelley Lober, CKD or Kitchens of Diablo.

A bright white on white kitchen design with bold red, gold, and back accents and decor.


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