Remodel Stories: Adding Mirror and Storage to an Unused Space

One of the key design changes in the bathroom remodel was the addition of useable storage other than the vanity.  Prior to the demolition there was a 12” base cabinet and a couple of awkwardly placed towel bars directly behind the shower wall.  It was useless and unattractive as far as I was concerned.

When we decided to make the shower width 48”, we gained an extra 12” of space which gave us a few different options.  We could have gone the traditional route with standard linen, which would have worked, but with only one vanity that limits who can be in front of the mirror. 

During renovation of the bathroom remodel. A new larger area was created behind the shower wall.

What I decided to do was a standard depth drawer base and a 15” deep wall cabinet that sits on the counter. We didn’t lose any storage space but gained some countertop space.  Instead of standard door I opted to replace the center panel with a mirror which acts as a secondary spot for getting ready in the morning.  In addition to the extra prep space the mirror throws a lot of light into the space, turning a once dark and under used corner into something bright and functional.

After photo of a bathroom remodel. A new counsel was added behind the shower wall to add an additional vanity, storage, mirror and prep space.

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