Remodel Stories: Colorful Personality Reflected in a Colorful Kitchen

“She has a colorful, enthusiastic and extravagant personality and that came through in her beautiful kitchen that was designed to welcome large gatherings of family and friends to their lakeside home,” explained Nanci Marsman, kitchen designer for Standale Interiors in Grand Rapids, MI.  “This couple was an absolute joy and dream to work with because they came to me with so many wonderful ideas.  They were open minded and they let the entire design process evolve in a beautiful way.”

A bold and colorful kitchen with extravagant pendant lights over a grand kitchen island build for entertaining.

During their first appointment with Nanci, the homeowners shared a variety of photos and magazine pages with Nanci to provide an idea as to what they liked and disliked.  “Initially, we had about fifteen great ideas but we needed to sort through and develop the best of the best.  If you have too many focal points, there is no focal point.  There are too many design features which can become too busy and too overwhelming.”

With a uniquely colorful collection of Italian pottery, a china hutch was one element the homeowner wanted to feature in her new kitchen.  Taking a cue from the colors of the pottery, a furniture hutch was designed with an intense emerald green, custom-painted back.  An “X” mullion pattern repeats a detail from the wine storage cabinet as well as the “X” detail in the back of the dining room chairs.

A view over the kitchen island into the dining room space.

Hutch like kitchen cabinets with a bright color splash in the back of the cabinets

Kitchen display cabinet for decorative dishware and accessories.  

Green and White kitchen Glass Door Cabinet with Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

The hood was another area where Nanci worked closely with Dura Supreme cabinet makers to design a unique detail to grab attention in the soaring mantel hood that reaches the 10’ ceilings.  A curved mullion with a subtle “x” detail ties into the rest of the kitchen but introduces an eye-catching curve.  “I love creating a detail that catches the eye and breaks the rules a little bit,” said Nanci.  “The pattern above the hood was a critical detail for this customer and by changing the design a little, it creates a unique focal point.”

 A grand white painted wood hood in an ocean themed kitchen remodel.

Close up of an elegently detailed wood hood with a white painted finish.

With such a colorful personality and a zest for entertaining, the island was another key feature for this kitchen.  “Having a large island where everyone could gather together in the kitchen was important.”  A custom butter-yellow paint was selected to create a soft touch of color.

Elegant kitchen island with seating and prep space. Extravigant island pendant lights. 

Nanci explained, “What you don’t see in these beautiful kitchen photos, is all the hard-working luxury accessories behind all the doors and drawers.  This kitchen is truly a functional space with slide-out cutlery organizers and spice racks and roll-out shelves.”

The end result?  A homeowner that is “in love” with her new kitchen! 

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