Remodel Stories: I Can't Believe the Before and After in my Bathroom!

Before and after photos document the start and finish of any project, the ultimate reminder of how far you’ve come, the validation that hopefully you’ve made an improvement.

The half bath before

The hall bath before


 It’s been over six months since we started tearing apart the two tiny bathrooms to create the one large space we have today.  Looking back at the “before” pictures reminds me of how far we’ve come, the things we learned, the fun we had!

The former half bath, now part of the hall bath


The new and improved main bath

Bathroom remodel vanity after 

Now that the main floor bathroom project is complete my mind wanders to the other rooms in the house. Let’s see, we still have the fireplace to work on, the master bath upstairs, the master closet…..  Wait, what’s that sound? I think I hear my husband groaning in the background.


Dura Supreme Cabinetry: Shown in Hickory with Morel stained finish.

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