Bathroom Stories: A Long, Narrow Master Bath Remodel

The original master bath measured approximately 16’x  5’ 6”, and included a small walk-in closet, a double bowl vanity, and an angled shower.  It was a long, narrow rectangle with lots packed into it.

The before photo of a bathroom remodel with a corner shower and bathroom vanity.

The goal of the remodel was to make the room feel spacious without altering the overall footprint. The exterior walls and an oddly placed window had to stay.  Moving the toilet was not going to be an option either.  The wish list included double sinks, linen storage, and a larger shower. To create a larger shower the walk-in closet was relocated to another area of the bedroom and a 42” space for the shower was created.  Once the shower area was configured, the remaining 12’ was designed with two 54” vanities and a 36” linen cabinet. The design solution to make the room appear larger was to use wall hung vanities and linen storage instead of the standard style vanity cabinets that would sit on the floor.  With the vanities and linen floating on the wall, more of the tile floor is visible, which creates more visual space. 

Floating bathroom vanity with transitional gray stained, flat panel cabinet doors.

A close up of a "floating" bathroom vanity with a light gray stain and a transitional style.



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