Remodeling Stories: That's a Wrap

It’s taken three years and we are finally finished with our remodeling projects. There isn’t a room in the entire house that we didn’t touch.  In addition to the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and some built ins we added wood floors and tile floors, refaced the fireplace, changed out multiple light fixtures, had new carpet installed upstairs and repainted everything.  Suffice it to say I’m ready to hang up my remodeling hat.

The thing I find the most interesting in any remodel project are the before and after shots, the visual reminders of what you started with and how it all ended up.

The Kitchen Before

After Remodel Photo of a White Dura Supreme Kitchen

Before Photo of a Bathroom Remodel Project

After Photo of a completed bathroom remodel.

Before Photo of a Bathroom Remodel Project

After photo of a bathroom remodel in an upstairs bathroom.

Master Bedroom Before Remodel Photo

Remodeled Master Bedroom Photo in a bed room that needed more closet space.



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