Storage Discussion: Cabinet Doors

What is the advantage of storing items behind cabinet doors? The basic method of storage inside a cabinet is shelving. A standard wall, base or tall cabinet will come with a specific number of shelves based on the height of the cabinet. While most all shelving is adjustable the functionality of the cabinet can be increased by adding internal storage accessories such as roll outs, tray dividers, spice racks, door storage racks, mixer shelf and can racks.

Kitchen storage examples of a cabinet door spice rack, an under the sink cabinet door rack and an appliance lift cabinet with a kitchenaid mixer.

Kitchen cabinet storage examples of a trash bin pull-out cabinet, a cabient with 2 roll-out shelves, and a tall wall cabinet with dividers for tray storage.

Wall, base and tall cabinets also have many pull out options including recycling centers, pantries, knife blocks and tray storage.

Kitchen cabinet storage ideas including a thin, pull-out spice rack cabinet, a pull-out cabinet with a towel drying rack and a tall cabinet pantry pull-out cabinet.

Cabinets with doors also have several hinging options including stay lift, lift door, and bifold doors.  The advantage to these types of doors is they typically open upward and out of the way, providing easy access to the contents inside.

Kitchen Wall cabinet doors and storage options.

With the variety of storage accessories combined with the standard shelf what’s hidden behind closed doors should always organized and within reach.

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