Time to Go Appliance Shopping!

When you are considering a kitchen remodel the first thing that I recommend to people is to go appliance shopping.  Make your list of appliance must haves as well as the “that would be fun to have” list.  The reason that  this is a good first step is often times the appliances will drive the layout and design of the kitchen.

A kitchen floor to ceiling cabinet wall filled with large and small kitchen appliances.

Take refrigeration for example, refrigerators are big and take up a lot of visual space.   There are standard depth refrigerators, cabinet depth refrigerators and built in refrigerators.  Any one of these will affect the overall design of the room as well as the budget.  Then take into account the style of the refrigerator, freezer on the top or bottom, side by side or French door, all refrigerator and all freezer, columns, or maybe drawer refrigeration.  The door configuration of the refrigerator must also be taken into consideration in the overall layout. There is nothing more annoying than having to walk around a refrigerator door to get access to what’s inside.

Consider your appliance placement in your kitchen design. Black and Gray kitchen design.

Another set of possibilities presents itself with the cooking area.  Would you prefer a cooktop and wall ovens?  How about double ovens or a built in oven with a microwave above?  What about a freestanding range or a slide in range?  Gas or electric or both or maybe induction?  What about a convection oven or the microwave convection oven combination?  Should the microwave be built into a cabinet or maybe a microwave drawer would be the way to go.

Black painted kitchen design with many kitchen appliances.

The combinations are numerous and the more familiar you are with the appliance options that are out there today the easier it will be to communicate with your designer about your must haves and what you might be willing to compromise on.  Sometimes there just isn’t enough space for that 60” range and 48” refrigerator!

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