Pantry Solutions

Pantry Storage Ideas from Dura Supreme for your kitchen.

An efficient household often has a pantry full of basic canned and dry goods that form the foundation of a good meal.  Having a convenient location or two within the kitchen to organize your pantry goods, where everything is easily visible, can help minimize those last-minute trips to the grocery store.   Dura Supreme offers a variety of pantry solutions, with wood or wire racks that pull out of small spaces and keep a stockpile of foods readily available.

Pull Out Pantry Stoage From Dura Supreme Cabinetry  With Rows of Canned Goods Fitting In A Small Space

Dura Supreme's Pull-Out Pantry (BPOP) Neatly stores row after row of canned goods within a small space.

A Tall Pantry cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry provides multi shelf pantry storage.

Our tall pantry (available with wood or wire shelves) provides an amazing amount of storage on full-extension glides (TPOP and TPOPW).


Heavy Mixer Storage Cabinet From Dura Supreme Cabinetry With Lift Assitance For Easy Access

A kitchenaid mixer lift up cabient shelf. Storage solution by Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

A heavy small appliances like a mixer can be lifted with ease to countertop level and conveniently stored in its own cabinet (BMSC).


Wire Pantry Pull-Out Cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry is a great choice for slim line storage.

Dura Supreme’s wire pantry (BPOPW) offers slim-line storage for pantry goods.