Urban Loft Design Style

Contemporary Urban Loft Styled Cabinets from Dura Supreme Cabinetry

No longer the exclusive refuge of artists and college students, the loft has become a popular, edgy abode in metros across the globe.  Originating in Paris in the 1800s, artists established studios in old buildings with high ceilings and open spaces to accommodate the oversize paintings popular at that time.  Loft living really caught on in the 1940s in New York’s SoHo district, when struggling artists moved into abandoned warehouses, and began to idealize the multi-use space that accommodated both work and home.

Urban Loft Inspired Kitchen Design With Clean, Minimalistic Lines, Neutral Colors and Natural Materials.

Today, fashionable loft environments offer an attractive alternative to suburbia, for those who appreciate the culture and diversity of these downtown digs.  Contemporary loft environments champion the characteristic features of their early bohemian counterparts; soaring ceilings with exposed ductwork and support beams, open, airy spaces with minimal walls, vintage flooring or brickwork and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame dramatic city skylines.  Within this framework, loft style was born and has developed into its own notable design theme with clean, minimalistic lines, industrial influences, neutral or monochromatic colors and natural materials.

Urban Loft Inspired Kitchen Design With Clean, Minimalistic Lines, Neutral Colors and Natural Materials.

Door Styles, Woods & Finishes

For “Urban Loft” and Contemporary styling, consider cabinet door styles with a sleek, minimalistic design.  Both ends of the color spectrum are popular including neutral colors and natural wood grains, as well as dark cabinet finishes and monochromatic color schemes.  Materials can also include sleek laminates, textured foils and glossy acrylics.  Also consider Dura Supreme’s collection of exotic veneers for cutting-edge contemporary kitchen design. 


Shown in White


Shown in Cherry, Harvest

Metro - Horizontal

Shown in White Oak, Natural
Available in Bamboo, White Oak, and Shale.

Metro - Vertical

Shown in Shale, Natural
Available in Bamboo, White Oak, Shale & Walnut.

Moda - Vertical

Shown in Maple, Natural

Napa Panel

Shown in Quarter Sawn Oak, Cocoa Brown

Available wood species are listed below each cabinet door style with the following key:  A = Knotty Alder, C = Cherry, H = Hickory, M = Maple, O = Red Oak, Q = Quarter Sawn Red Oak.  Please note that all cabinet door styles can be selected with a slab (solid) drawer front option

Accent Doors

Natural and brushed metals are popular accents for loft environments.  Inspiration can be found in the raw materials of the building structure (metal, concrete, glass and stone) and used as design elements within the kitchen.

Aluminum Frame Style 1

Shown with Satin Glass

Aluminum Frame Style 2

Shown with Satin Glass

Aluminum Frame Style 3

Shown with Satin Glass




Design Elements

In keeping with the overall style of a modern loft space, kitchens are usually furnished with design elements in natural, yet sleek materials like stone, concrete, wood, stainless steel and glass.  Materials favor a neutral or monochramatic color palette, with occasional dramatic punches of color.  Contemporary design appeals to the urban professional and the young at heart, who appreciate the cultural diversity of a downtown dwelling or clean, simple lines.